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vSphere + Nimble: Standard vSwitch migration to vDS

More and more customers are asking about using the VMware vDS (vNetwork Distributed Switch) with Nimble Storage – let’s spend a few minutes going over some common questions as well as usage best practices. This info will also fold into the next version of our VMware best practices guide.

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vSphere + Nimble Best Practices in 2 Minutes


In a super hurry and bored at the same time?  Check out a two minute video summarizing key best practices for deploying vSphere on Nimble Storage – it was created using a subscription based software called Sparkol Videoscribe…I personally find it pretty easy to use (at least the basic shape/flow/features), as a true whiteboard RSA style  production one would have taken me days to create.  The whole video creation took about 90 minutes, which includes 30 minutes of ramp-up time on using the tool for the first time.  Enjoy!  If folks find it useful, I’d create additional ones for Site Recovery Manager & VDI.

VMW + Nimble Best Practices RSA Style