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VMworld 2013: New Stuff, Technical Nuggets

After a week long of geek’ing out at VMworld, it’s time to do a quick recap on key learning from the show, as well as detailed look of what Nimble had showed off.

Let’s start with new stuff + useful links:

Software Defined ‘X’

Starting with ‘Networking’: Carl and Kit put on a very good show; they made SDN quite simple to understand.  Just like ESXi hypervisor creating virtual entities such as vCPU, vNIC, vSCSI emulation, VMDK, NSX creates an abstraction layer to provide L2-L7 services for anything networking.  Decoupling network identity and services tied to the identity from physical hardware means policies follow the virtual machine, within the same datacenter or across datacenters.  More importantly, this abstraction allows for policy based provisioning and QoS enforcement, all with automation.  I can already imagine how much easier it is to deploy a multi-tier application spanning multiple VLANs, plus needs for firwewall, load balancer, NAT’ing (of course, that is after you have made the right level of investment in both hardware, software & thorough design of the SDN infrastructure).  Simply put, I can’t wait to try this out in the datacenter!

Now let’s talk more about storage, Software Defined Storage (SDS) – this is an area where you need to put in more thoughts.  There are so many storage vendors touting their solution being ‘software defined’.  I can summarize the legacy vendor’s pitch with the following picture:

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“KISS RAS” = Software Defined Storage – Come see Nimble Storage’s tech previews @ VMworld next week!

If you are in the virtualization space, you must have heard of the term “Software Defined Storage” – probably more so from storage vendors than VMware.  Why?  Because it is a hot marketing theme to promote storage technologies.   More and more customers & partners are asking what is Nimble’s take on  “Software Defined Storage”.  Here’s my unofficial response – “K.I.S.S – R.A.S = Software Defined Storage”:

Keep It Simple Storage

Reliability Availability Supportability

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