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OpenStack with Shared Storage Series: No-dupe > dedupe

I have gotten lots of questions about openstack lately, and interestingly, most questions revolve around the value of using shared storage.  Instead of doing a boring checkbox comparison between shared storage and software on top of local DAS (I avoid using the term ‘software defined storage’ because shared storage could very well be classified as ‘software defined’), I decided to start a series on “OpenStack with Shared Storage”.  First up on the list is my favorite topic: NO-dupe is always better than dedupe.   Read on if you want to find out why…

One of the top use cases for OpenStack platform is private cloud for dev/test environments.  In such environments, VM instance cloning happens very frequently.  For example, the base software build is captured as an image in glance.  Each developer in the team can get his/her own instance based on the image – this can easily be done through Horizon by provisioning an instance based on an image.  To ensure code modification is not lost due to instance reboot, it is best to boot the instance from a volume through cinder.  In order to do that, one can simply select “Boot from Image (creates a new volume)” option in the instance launch wizard:
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Practical Tips to Get Started with OpenStack (Part 1)

OpenStack Design Summit 2014 ended successfully last month in Atlanta – Nimble was very fortunate to be invited to speak in the block storage design considerations breakout session.  In this blog post, I’ll share key observations, learning from the summit, as well as some quick practical tips to get started with the OpenStack journey.  If you missed the summit or the breakout session, no problem, the OpenStack Foundation has already posted all the session videos on their Youtube channel.   Below is the session recording featuring Nimble’s Jay Wang (our OpenStack R&D lead) and myself:

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Red Hat OpenStack up and running in minutes with Nimble Cinder Driver? The “Why”, “What” and “How”….

There are lots of buzz around OpenStack these days – I’m sure you want to give it a spin and see what the hype is all about.  Here’s a quick way to try it out using your existing resources (seriously, most of us don’t have the freaking budget to buy new servers for experimental/eval projects; if you do, more power to you!).  NOTE: NOTHING below is officially supported by VMware, Red Hat, Nimble Storage.  Why am I doing it?  Because I can J  Wouldn’t you want to leverage what you have in the infrastructure and check out what the hype is all about?  If you answered yes, then read on. (*Special Thanks to Jay Wang and Brady Zuo in our R&D team for making this happen!)

OpenStack 101

For those of you that don’t know what OpenStack is, here’s a quick 101 introduction, with key buzzwords to use so you sound like a pro:

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