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Nimble 2.0 PSP Integration with VMware vSphere Part I (VIB Install)

I finally got a chance to sit down and play with ESX 5.5 and Nimble 2.0 array – instead of installing yet another Windows VM and SQL server for vCenter, I decided to try out the Linux vCenter VA.  It was actually quite fast and easy.  Total deployment time for vCenter was 10 minutes (including time to download the VA!).  I simply did the following:

-install ESX5.5 + vSphere 5.5 client (you’ll need an ESX host to place your vCenter VA, and you’ll need the VI Client to import the OVF)

-import Linux vCenter VA via vSphere Client connected to ESXi 5.5 host

Only odd thing I ran into was the inability to login to vCenter server via web client.  It couldn’t authenticate the root login.  It turned out I had to manually enter a password for the single sign-on administrator account.  To do that, remember to stop vCenter Server service (vpxd) and then click on “Save Settings” in the SSO tab with the newly entered password.

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We have gotten quite a few customer inquiries lately about using LACP with Nimble Storage – and I was fortunate enough to secure an HP Procurve network switch to dig deeper.  If you have LACP in mind for your virtualized environment, this post could be useful to you (from both VM traffic and iSCSI storage traffic perspectives)

First of all, let’s discuss what are the use cases/benefits for LACP for VM traffic:
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